Church Council Meeting – May 2017

Summary of Council meeting – May 2017

The Stromlo Council met on 1 May 2017.  We prayed together and also discussed the following:

  1. Finances: We discussed the church finances as at April 2017, noting that giving remains significantly below budget for this financial year (by around $30,000). Mike Spark, Stromlo’s Treasurer, will speak to this at the upcoming AGM.  We also discussed and approved the audited financial reports.
  2. AGM: We discussed the church AGM which will be held on 21 May including the Senior Pastor’s report and the Treasurer’s report.
  3. Dan Evers: We discussed how Dan was travelling including how we can best support Dan and ensure that he has sufficient rest in his busy role. 
  1. Other expenditure items: We also discussed other possible items of expenditure including foldback speakers and a new vacuum cleaner for the Hub, but decided not to approve any further expenditure at this stage in light of the church’s current financial position. 
  1. Staffing: We discussed staffing including the children’s worker position in 2018.
  2. Other business:  We discussed the planned Compassion trip, recent music training and child protection including Working with Vulnerable People cards.

If you have anything you would like the Council to consider at our next meeting (scheduled for 5 June), or would like more information about the Council, please contact Phil Ng (secretary at stromlo dot org).  We would love if you could pray for wisdom, grace, and a focus on God’s glory as we meet together.

Andrew Buesnel, Dan Evers, Phil Ng, Mike Spark and Chris Sproule (the Council)

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