Getting into Ephesians

This term we’re kicking off our sermon series in the book of Ephesians. I am really excited by this because this book has had a significant impact on me as I have grown in my maturity as a Christian. The letter drips with rich theology and yet is also immensely practical. Most significantly it is utterly Christ-centred. He is the one that God’s plans all centre around and it is for His glory!
You’ll notice that we’ve called the series ‘The Christ Gift’. We’ll be learning how Jesus Christ is God’s ultimate gift to us. It’s in Christ that all of God’s blessings flow down to us (Eph 1:3). We have been lavished with His grace. This generous work shapes our identity as Christians and gives us the motivation and purpose for living as  ‘children of light’ in this world.
My prayer is that as we look at Ephesians we will see afresh the gracious gift that Christ is and the blessings that we undeservingly receive since we are now united with Christ and seek to walk in his steps in our day to day lives.

Dan Evers

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