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easter invites 800px This Easter let’s make the most of inviting our neighbours as we answer the questions: “Who is Jesus?” and “Who is God?”

We would love it if you could help us letterbox drop the Weston Creek and Molonglo areas. We are looking at inviting just under 10,000 households. If we work on this together it won’t be a big task for any one person. This can be something we can all help with. It can be as low-key as slipping an invite into a letterbox from our bikes, or relational as saying hello to everyone we meet. Our number one aim is to get the cards out there.

While a lot of maps and postcards were taken at church on Sunday, I’ve still got 32 maps that are not allocated which include 4943 houses. Each map has between 80-260 houses. On average each map has around 155 houses, and should take about 1 hour to complete if you are walking, faster if you are doing it with someone else or if you are riding your bike. Someone taking a half an hour walk each day over the week should be able to take on 3 maps and approximately 450 houses.

On Sunday I went for a walk with my kids around Wright to post some cards. I managed to talk to a few neighbours who I haven’t met yet, and my kids enjoyed playing the postman. It took us about 30 minutes to post 80 flyers, and have a few conversations. Every evening I plan on doing a 20-30 minute walk around Wright with my kids, and by the end of the week I’m hoping to have the entire suburb done.

I realise that not everyone can commit to the same number of postcards, however any help would be greatly appreciated, whether it is an area of 80 houses or taking on a whole suburb. Just let me know how much you can commit to.

I am so keen for your help that I will personally arrange maps and postcards to be delivered to you during the week. Each map will highlight the houses you will need to letterbox drop and give you an approximate number of postcards you will need.

As this is an invitation for Easter, we are hoping to have the postcards delivered to Weston Creek and Molonglo by this Sunday night at the latest – any later may be too late!

  • Call or email me if you would like to be involved in the letterbox drop – ben@stromlo.org 0438757745
  • We are aiming to have most postcards delivered by this weekend.
  • If you have any leftover postcards after letterboxing your area, bring them back this Sunday.

Ben English


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