Luther’s prayer

lutherI have the following prayer by Martin Luther attached to the wall beside my desk. It’s been there for years. I pray it often. It’s no less relevant to me today than it was when I first read it. And I suspect it’s no less relevant to every pastor who’s ever lived since Luther first penned it.


Lord God,

You have made me a pastor in your church.

You see how unfit I am to undertake this great

and difficult responsibility,

and if it were not for your help

I would have ruined it all long ago.

Therefore I cry to you for aid.

I offer my mouth and my heart to your service.

I desire to teach the people,

and, for myself, that I will learn evermore,

and diligently meditate on your word.

Use me as your instrument but never forsake me,

for if I am left alone I will easily bring it all to destruction.


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