Serving is in our DNA

Stromlo is a Christ-Centred Community. We’re all about Jesus. Trusting Jesus. Following Jesus. Serving Jesus.

Jesus said about himself that ‘the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many’ (Mark 10:45). As we follow our servant King, we serve Him and each other.

Serving is in our ‘DNA’. Recently, our church had the privilege of spending six weeks thinking about ‘Our DNA’. That is, six things that we think should be central activities for us as a Christ-centred church. We want to be a church that is on about engaging, evangelizing, exposition, edification, equipping and exaltation. 

These activities might sound vague. And of course, they are broad concepts that are expressed in myriad ways in our church life together. However, in an effort to make these activities concrete, we have put together Ministry Teams. Below is an outline of these six ‘Es’, and how we see our Ministry Teams fitting into each of these six activities. If you would like to express an interest in joining a Ministry Team, please get in contact.


We want to be a church that genuinely engages with the world around us. On both an individual and communal scale, we want to be relationally engaged with real people in Molonglo and beyond. To help us do this, we have a Social Media team and a Special Events team.


We don’t simply want to engage with others. We primarily want to evangelize. That is, we want to share the gospel message about Jesus Christ crucified for our sins and risen to life. To help us do this, we have an Evangelism team, a Social Media team, a Global Mission team, and a Pastoral Care team.


We believe in the centrality, sufficiency and supreme authority of the Bible. By His Spirit and through the Bible, God authoritatively and graciously speaks life into our lives in the name of Jesus. Because of this, we hold the faithful exposition of the Bible to be central to our lives individually and life together as a community. The following Ministry Teams help us to do this particularly on Sundays: the Audio team, Service Leaders team, Bible Reading team and our Powerpoint/Visual team.


We want to grow and mature as a Christ-Centred Community of Disciple-Making Disciples. There are a number of activities that we can do to edify one another. That is, build and encourage each other as we trust and follow Jesus. The following teams help us do this on Sundays and during the week: Setup/PackupWelcoming, Music, Prayer, Home Hospitality, Pastoral Care, Community Lunches, and the Creative team.


At Stromlo, we believe that we are all ‘in ministry’. That is, we are all called to be equipped to serve one another (Ephesians 4:1-16). Each is gifted, and each is called to be further equipped and trained to serve so that the whole body of Christ can be built up. Our Life Group Leaders and Administration teams play a big role in helping us do this.


Above all else, we want our Community to exalt Christ: praise and adore him and his precious work for us in the gospel in all things. Our Music, Prayer and Creative teams lead the way in helping us do this.

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