Stromlo Kids – Welcome to the Year!

Welcome to 2017!

Stromlo Kids starts back this Sunday! I’m excited for what this year will hold, seeing how God will be at work in the lives of the children that are a part of our Stromlo family. Before term starts there are a few things that I want to share with you;

What are we doing in Term 1?

The theme in Stromlo Kids is Our God Saves.

We are a people in need of saving, and we see this ultimately fulfilled in Jesus Christ, in his death and resurrection. God has always had a plan to save the world. Before Jesus came, God rescued, protected and preserved his people through men and women of faith.  We are going to look at three books that teach us these truths;

  • Exodus – Nothing can stand in the way of God’s rescue plan, He is powerful to save!
  • Ruth – God is at work in the ordinary, mundane parts of our lives to bring about his redemptive purposes.
  • Esther We can trust God is in control even when we can’t see him working.

What are our Classes?

We have 4 different programs that run on a Sunday morning.

Who is on team?

This term, as always, we have a great team working with the kids, we have both new and returning leaders to the ministry, but leaders who are committed and excited to teach the bible to our Stromlo Kids.

  • Thuy Van M. Lum is coordinating our crèche program.
  • Anna Buesnel will be with our toddler’s class, Tiny Tots each week helped by a parent roster.
  • Pete and Kate Prior will be teaching our preschool class, Minimites
  • Teaching our Kinder to Year Six classes; we have Justine McLaren, Pauline Babbage, Lachlan Babbage, Andrew Buesnel, Harrison Wright, Michelle Williams and Dave and Kate Beard.

Kids and Youth Registration

It is our aim at Stromlo Kids, that each week that we run a class, that we are providing a safe place for the kids to come to, where they are loved and cared for; One of the ways that you can help us in making Stromlo Kids a safe place is by filling in our Kids and Youth Registration form. We need each family that has a child in a kids or youth program to fill one of these in so we can ensure that we have the most up to date information on those who are attending. These Forms are available at the info table on Sunday or via Online Registration Form.

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