To help us invite our friends to church

Postcards are being distributed across Weston Creek, Molonglo, and other places this week. And more volunteers are needed, so get in touch with Ben and he can give you a map and a package of cards. Please be praying that it helps many to become aware that we exist as a church. Pray that people will follow their curiosity and come along this Easter. By the way, if you are delivering these cards, then please understand that they aren’t ‘junk mail’—so don’t be put off by the signs on letter boxes.

Our postcards aren’t junk mail!

But leafleting isn’t our main strategy for getting people to church. Personal invitation is so much better. And we have something to make that invite a little simpler—double-sided glossy business cards with times and locations of church and the Hub. Grab a few cards at church on Sunday, keep them in your purse or wallet, and hand them to your friends as you invite them to church.



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