Check out Stromlo

If you haven’t been to church in a while, then church might seem like a strange place to visit. Perhaps the whole idea of going to church seems like the habit of a past generation and nothing much to do with life today. If you’re thinking this way, then we invite you to check out church with a difference.

For starters, we don’t believe the church is a building or an institution—we believe the church is the people. Our church is made up of people much like you. Some of us are single, others married, some divorced, others longing for better relationships. We are old and young and in between. We have jobs, look for jobs, have kids, are kids, enjoy sports, watch tv, and all the other normal stuff. The thing that marks us out as being a church is that we have a relationship with God through Jesus and his Spirit. This is real and awesome, and changes the very fabric of our lives.

We’d love you to check out Stromlo Church on a Sunday. In the morning, we meet at Charles Weston School in Coombs at 9:30am. You can dip your toe in, simply observe what goes on, or stay and talk over a coffee afterwards. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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