Church lunches

Lunch after church

Some say “the family that eats together stays together”. We certainly believe that sharing lunch together after a church is an excellent way to connect with one another. Roughly once a month we put on a free lunch for all to enjoy. Sometimes we provide soups or casseroles or curries, other times we order in pizzas or Turkish, and then there’s the annual sausage cook off. Please plan to stick around and enjoy sharing some food together.

Make a Difference (MAD) lunches

While we ensure these lunches are free to all and we cover any costs from our church budget, these lunches are also an opportunity to make a difference. Most months we will profile an area of mission or provision to the poor and disadvantaged. There is a brief presentation during church, followed by the offer to make a financial contribution during the lunch.

So far we have provided support to such organisations as:

 Proposed MAD Lunches for 2015

Date Lunch Organisers Requirements Organisation we’re supporting
22 March Pizza  Thuy Van and Amanda CEIS
26 April BBQ Steak Phil & Anita
24 May Hosted by Stromlo Volunteers at homes To be determined 12-14 volunteers to host lunches at their place
28 June Ultimate BBQ Sam Moffitt and Ultimate Youth
26 July Soup Sam & Louise Marks  12 Soups
23 August Curry Regan 12 Curries and rice
20 September Casserole Brooke 12 Casseroles
25 October Turkish Sandy Spark
22 November Sausage Sizzle The 2 Sams (Bullock and Moffitt)
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