Life Groups leadership team

God never intended us to live alone. He has given us each other to love, support and encourage, as we go through life together. This happens in our church gatherings, but it can be more personal and specific in a smaller group context. We call these groups Life Groups. They aim to meet weekly at the Hub or in people’s homes. In these groups, members work out together what God is saying to them through the Bible, pray for each other, support each other, and share life together.

While there are official roles given to people in Life Groups, this is still an area that everyone can serve in. Plan to get to your group as often as possible. Read the Bible passage before you meet so you are able to contribute more thoughtfully. Help care for others in your group. Catch up with someone who is struggling. Encouraging other group members. Seek out ways to serve the group and the church. Share your life with others.

Categories: Regular Ministries