Morning tea for everyone

This term we will be doing morning tea a bit differently. Up until now, it’s been first in first served, you snooze, you lose, the early bird catches the worm… etc. So we’re trying to ensure everyone has a chance to get have a snack, and we all have a part to play to make sure this works.

Minimites to year 9 will have morning tea out in the kids program. K-6 will have a couple of biscuits, some fruit and cordial, while minimites will have rice crackers, fruit and water which is gluten, egg, nut and dairy free. If you’re kids are used to eating half a packet of biscuits, you may need to bring an additional snack for later. This change will be reflected in the morning tea instructions for life groups.

Those rostered on for morning tea can also help ensure everyone has a chance to grab something for morning tea by serving morning tea from the kitchen servery and taking around trays.

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