Ecclesiastes 11:7-12:8 The meaning of death

During the week Australians were shocked by the death of young cricketer Phil Hughes. The impact of this man’s death on the Australian public shows the harsh reality and meaninglessness of death. But this should not surprise us, because as Ecclesiastes says, our lives are like a mist or vapour, very temporary and we’re all born to die. The passage illustrates how we will grow old, and this is happening to everyone, so we must remember God now, not later on. There may not be a later on.

Dave talked about the spiritual reason for death, we’ve turned away from God, and it is unnatural. But Jesus’ death is not, His death was for us, He died in our place, it was meaningful. His death gives us hope that extends beyond death. Dave challenged us not to ignore this message. Not to harden our hearts to God. To turn to Him and face death with hope.


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