Ecclesiastes 1:12 to 2:16 The meaning of pleasure

Is the purpose of life to be happy? That’s what a lot of people think what life is about. The book of Ecclesiastes really wants us to think more about the meaning of life. In the passage from last week the author starts to explore and investigate the meaning of life, and he goes on a quest to experience pleasure as a research project.  For our culture, this really  resonates, happiness and pleasure, we want to accumulate things, be entertained 24/7, getting the next thing is what it is about. But where does it leave us?

Working for things gives us some pleasure, the journey to get somewhere, but when we get there, it doesn’t deliver. And what about being wise? The same fate comes to both the wise and the fool. It ends in death. But where can we find hope here in Ecclesiastes? In God. He knows what our world is like and He has made it like this, so that we will find hope, trust and meaning in Him, because we won’t find it anywhere else.


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