God does his work of saving grace in our lives for a purpose—that we might serve him and others. Jesus is the great example of a servant, who gave his life so others might live. He willingly turned his back on his rightful privileges as God, to become a human being, to submit to death upon a cross, so as to serve us. He gave his life as a ransom to set us free for a life of service. Mark 10:45 Philippians 2:6-11

People say that it’s more blessed to give than to receive and this is so true. We’ve been created in God’s image, and we can be re-created in the likeness of Jesus, to give our lives in the service of God and others. This is what life is really all about—giving our lives to God to make a difference for eternity. Romans 8:28-29

At Stromlo we don’t employ pastors to do the work of ministry. We believe that God calls us all to be ministers = servants, and the pastors are here to coach us along the way. God has gifted us all to play our part in the body. The task is to see what needs doing and how we might be able to contribute. Ephesians 4:11-13

There are many ways that you can serve at Stromlo. Take a look at the following opportunities and consider how you might be able to contribute. We are keen for each member of our church family to play a part in building the church. We’d love you to find a team where you can serve. Read through these opportunities and then please speak with your Life Group leader or one of the pastors about how you might be able to serve. Some of these opportunities will require an interview and training, while others will simply involve volunteering.

Regular ministries

  • MAD lunches team

    For over 2,000 years Christian communities have met together over a meal to share their lives and remind each other of the awesome saving work of Jesus Christ. At Stromlo, we organise a monthly lunch for the whole church following our Sunday gathering. We also use these lunches ‘Make-A-Difference’ supporting various causes. If you love […]
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  • FOCUS Support team, Global Partner Support team, and Compassion Support team

    At Stromlo we want to be generously supporting gospel ministry in other places. For each of the main gospel ministries we support we have a team to assist us providing this support. Locally we are committed to supporting the ministry of FOCUS at ANU, Uni of Canberra, and at ADFA. University ministry is strategically important […]
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  • Marriage and parenting ministry

    Relationships take effort. And some of the most important relationships we can have are being married or being a parent. At Stromlo our marriage and parenting ministry team help us all make the most of these amazing relationships that God has blessed us with.
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  • Life Groups leadership team

    God never intended us to live alone. He has given us each other to love, support and encourage, as we go through life together. This happens in our church gatherings, but it can be more personal and specific in a smaller group context. We call these groups Life Groups. They aim to meet weekly at […]
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  • Youth ministry team

    Being a teenager is a time to explore your own ideas, plans and dreams. Through our youth group called Ultimate, the youth ministry team help teenagers consider their future in the light of God’s saving work through Jesus.
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  • Children’s ministry team

    Jesus loves children! And we take our lead from our Lord, both in regard to how we think about children and how we care for and minister to our children. At Stromlo we aim to provide a context for all ages of people to safely engage with God and to grow in their understanding of […]
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  • Good neighbours team

    Canberra seems to always have people moving in and out. So at Stromlo, our Good neighbours team, is keen to help people connect with others, with our church, and especially with Jesus.
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  • Schools ministry team

    Many of the members of Stromlo have the permission of schools to regularly visit the local schools and tell the kids about the amazing good news about the God who loves them. This group works to make the most of these opportunities and to make the message interesting and compelling. We are involved in local […]
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  • Community connections team

    At Stromlo we have people who love to ride, love to cook, love to read, love to watch movies, and much more… The Community connections team help the people with these passions to share them with our community, both inside and outside our church.
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  • Welcoming and integrate team

    We want Stromlo to be a place where everyone is welcome to join us as we consider the claims of the bible. And we want our whole gathering, and everyone in it, to be welcoming people to join us. The Welcoming and Integration team will help everyone do this and will ensure people have the […]
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Sunday Morning ministries

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  • Set up and pack up team

    As people come to Stromlo Church on Sunday, we want them to come to a venue that is functional and welcoming. Our setup and packup teams aim to make sure we are ready each week. They put out signs to direct new people, enough seats for everyone to use, our info tables, and our settling […]
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  • The refreshments team

    The church community works well when people hang around after church. The refreshments team aims to give people a good reason to stay, chat, and build and encourage each other. We want people who are passionate about setting the scene for a great atmosphere to be in this team, and help make our time together […]
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  • Prayer team

    Praying on Sunday morning is a great opportunity to come before God as a church family, united in faith, to present our requests to God with thanksgiving. Nothing is too big or too small for God, so praying is one of the most important things we can do together!
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  • MC team

    We want our church meetings to be well organised and structured and it is the MC’s responsibility to work with the preacher and others to make this happen. During the week, they make contact with everyone who has responsibilities during the gathering. On the Sunday they lead our time together so that we are all […]
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  • Bible reading team

    The Bible is God’s Word—his revelation. The public reading of the Bible is therefore a very significant part of our Sunday gatherings. Our Bible reading team will ensure clear, engaging and thoughtful reading of the bible.
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  • Music and singing team

    God has given us the gift of music, and it is a great joy to have it as a part of our regular Sunday gathering. The music and singing team help and support us all as we sing to the truths of God to each other in our Sunday gatherings.
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  • Audio Visual team

    Whether it is the sound or the vision, the Audio Visual team ensures that everyone is able to hear and see what’s happening. With such a great message we don’t want anyone to miss it! If you always wanted to know how a sound board works or love presentations on a computer, this is a […]
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