World Mission

At Stromlo Christian Church we are committed to God’s mission throughout world. We want to praise God for the growth of His church around the world, and yet cry out to God because of the millions who have not yet heard the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our weekly newsletter encourages members to pray for a different country each week using

Global Partners

At Stromlo Christian Church we have a number of global partners we support in prayer, friendship, and financially. Financially our global partners are supported individually by church members.

Historically our global partners have been involved in translating the Bible, literacy work, evangelising uni students, planting churches, supporting local Christians, caring for orphans, and preaching in a second language.

If you would like to find out more you can sumbit an enquiry here.

Klaus and Jude Hickel

To sign up to Klaus and Jude’s newsletter or to support financially click here

MAD Sundays (Make a Difference)

From time to time throughout the year, we shine a spotlight on an area of mission closer to home. We allow some time during church to hear about these needs and opportunities, and we give people the opportunity to provide financial and prayer support for the mission area.