Life Groups

Stromlo is a church of small groups. We believe that one of the best ways to engage seriously with one another is to meet regularly in groups of about six to ten people. Smaller groups enable more specific and personal conversation, prayer, and Bible study. We can look out for one another, support and encourage, and help out each other in times of need.

These groups have taken various names over the years, such as home groups, Bible groups, community groups, and the like. We now call them ‘Life Groups’ because we want God’s word to shape the whole of our lives. We focus on the Bible, and we also pray, discuss, and share some food and drink together. The important thing is that we want to see each other growing and being transformed by the Spirit of God.

Our desire is for everyone at Stromlo to be involved in a life group. You will find groups that meet in the evenings in a range of locations around Canberra. They tend to meet in people’s homes and run roughly from 7.30 to 9.30pm. There are mixed groups, and groups specifically for men or women. Some groups meet over dinner and are designed to cater for families with children.

If you would like help finding a group that suits your needs, please contact us and our small groups coordinator will be in touch.

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